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GOS Sim Challenge: "Bee"

Hello there! So it's about time that I decide to de-lurk for a little while. I bring with me one little sim.

This is Bebe, if you couldn't read it on the banner above.
She is inspired by the prompt "Bee" in the GOS November Sim Challenge. She's an energetic little sim with a love for bright colours and pretty flowers. But be warned if you think of crossing her - she packs a sting!

Here's her CC list! As you can see it's pretty big, so I included a CC-free version of her too.


Let me know if there are any problems. Happy simming! :D

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Oh she's adorable! Thanks for sharing!! :)

You're welcome, enjoy :3

She's got the cutest little nose! Thanks for uploading her! :)

Thanks, I was proud of her nose :P Enjoy!

^^ Glad you like her!

Bebe is absolutely adorable! ♥ Thank you for sharing ^_^

You are very welcome :D

She's lovely, as are all your sims. Thank you for sharing her :)

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