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The Axelquist Legacy 2.3 + OH MY DAYS AN HEIR POLL!

Featuring awesome sims by bondchick_nett, sixamsims and 0ptimistiic!

:( Don't be sad! It only took me... four months ... to get this part out.
Ok, that's pretty bad >.>


I can't decide whether French (bondchick_nett) looks creepy or beautiful in this lighting >.>

Carolina's birthday time! :D


Cameron and Calvin's birthdays too!

Cameron grows up first and is quite adorable.

Calvin next. And yes, these pictures were all necessary o____o

Arcadia and Oswald (0ptimistiic) are still just as adorable as ever :3

And Blake still never wears a shirt >:l

Oh, just in case you were wondering what is going on for Blake's spare sister Billie and her townie wife...
This pretty much sums everything up. ANYWAY.

Oh! Did I forget to tell you French was pregnant? xD
Yeah, it's a girl, and she's called Camille!


Apparently she's very impressive.

French + Violin = Many many adorable spammy pictures

'Sup, Big G R?

D: Noooooo!
We say farewell to Arcadia "Archie" Axelquist, our love-able silly little founder </3

Now that's what I call sensitivity!


...This is completely relevant!

:( We also say goodbye to-- Wait, they weren't romance sims WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Blake: "I'd just like to take a second out from regular proceedings to remind you all that I AM AWESOME!"

Camille's birthday already! :3

She's uh... um... well...
Ok honestly, she's kind of creeping me out, but let's stay optimistic!

This is one of my favourite interactions :3

I do not understand the potty training face obsession, but THERE, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

Lotta Lahti by sixamsims... I quite like her... :3

Again with the shirtlessness! This is starting to turn into New Moon...

Calvin: *sexyface* Hey, you come here often?
Lotta: ...No. I thought this was your house, shouldn't you know that?

I'm sure she's been won over. Look at how impressed she looks!

Awww, French looks so peaceful when she's glitching... :3

Both Camille's and Carolina's birthday time!

Lotta: "I suddenly hate everyone for no reason." >:(

Lotta: *Learns cake is involved*

Carolina grows up quite cute! But has an awful picture.

Creepiness: reducing!


~How I do~

Camille gets a little makeover.

CAKE: Not even once.

I thought this was either kind of creepy or extremely sweet.
His mother was there to witness his dream coming true :3

Gotta love them default glitches.

(This is the repairman, by the way).
Uh, I'm no doctor but shouldn't he be in hospital or something..?

This actually kind of suits French...

Camille's birthday already!

Creepiness: ALMOST GONE!

Wh-what?! WHAT? Oh my days.
All so very necessary o___o

What time is it, Mister Wolf? WELL I'LL TELL YOU WHAT TIME IT IS, IT'S HEIR POLL TIME! And also I'm going to eat you! :D
I shall remind you of the contenders, just in case you have been paying no attention to the above at all! ^_^

- - - POLL CLOSED! - - -
Until next time, happy simming :D
Warnings: Covered-up glitchy nekkidness and lots of pictures!

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Carolina has such a cute little mushy face :3
Camille is beautiful too!
All your sims are so cute and full of personality :)

I agree, very mushy :3 Thank you, I can safely say the same about your game too.

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