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Results of boredom :)
I decided to edit some pictures of a new simmie I made :)

The vampire version (find the blood by searching "splatter brush" on deviantart)

And the original image! I was going to do more but I wasn't feeling too creative and couldn't think of anything else at the time :P
Any ideas what I could name her?

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I think she's absolutely adorable - especially the alien version of her! :D

If you need a name, the first name that came into my mind was Gillian ^_^ Or, she could be a Suzie, Annabelle, Stacy, Erin... ;P

I like the alien version best too ^^
Gillian is a good one - would never have thought of that myself so thanks!

Oh wow, this is brilliant! You actually edited the first two skin colors in PS? Anyways, it's such a fun idea.

Yep, everything in the top 2 pictures is edited from the last one in GIMP ^^ Thank you!!

This is pretty awesome :D Thanks for the add btw :)

Thanks :D and no worries!

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