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One KFD Sim - Hammy

It's been a while since I uploaded a sim that wasn't a founder, and this is a bit different, right? xD
This Kids For Diversity had a theme of animals, and I chose a hamster. (Thus the name, Hammy. Creative, right?)

So this is Hammy! I am really happy with what I did - not an exact clone, but there's the far apart eyes, and the little snuffly nose and mouth, and the chubby little cheeks. Sadly the chubby cheeks were lost a little as Hammy grew up, but I still think she looks cute.

Hammy as a kidlet. (Sorry for the picspam!)

And as an adult! Oh, and just in case you don't know what a hamster is, here's a classy paint diagram to explain it to you.

Here is her CC list. I tried to keep it to a minimum! Both files are in RAR files (let me know if you want her as a sim2pack).

Download Hammy without CC
Download Hammy with CC Included

Let me know if I forked anything up. Comments are welcome.
Happy simming!

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She's so cute! I snagged her; thanks for sharing!

She's lovely! She reminds me of Deb from Dexter. It's probably the nose.:)

I had no idea who that was, but I googled it and I kind of see what you mean ;)

Ahww, Hammy is super cute, as both child and adult!

Thanks, I am glad you like her :3

omg she's co cute. She's so going in my game and I also wanted to say, My hamster was named hammy. lol He was lasted 6 years and from what i am told thats along time for hamsters.

LOL a ton of my friends had hamsters called Hammy! So I couldn't have named her anything else :P

So cute! Downloading and installing!

I have NO idea how I missed this post O_O But omg I'm so glad I saw it, TOTALLY downloading her, EEEEE!

zomg u hurtz mi feelins!!1
:D Have fun with her!

Oh I will, thankyou! :D

She is adorable indeed. :D

Thanks for sharing!

You are extremely welcome :3

(Deleted comment)
Glad you like her! You're welcome :D

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