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The Axelquist Legacy 2.2

Featuring sims by 0ptimistiic, bondchick_nett, novusars, maranatah marantah , xpinkyhayzx, lastj and sort of katu_sims!

Last time, Blake became heir, got abducted by aliens, and fell in lurrrrrve with French (bondchick_nett).
His mother, Archie, congratulates him on not going to college. Because education is uncool, kids.

..Rich sim? Really?

Yes... ~that~.

Poor Blake gives birth to a baby boy, and calls him Calvin.
My game uses a Multi-PT set by katu_sims (that's why it says 'sort of').

Squeeeeee :3

French gives birth too, to another baby boy, called Cameron.

Tenten by novusars (I think...)

Blake actually makes a friend :D

Or not..

8D This has never happened before! Go Archie!

The ~not-twins-but-the-same-age-as-eachother-babies~ have their birthdays!

Cameron! (At this point I realised that his skintone was a random geneticised one so I changed it.)


The boys get makeovers and are even cuterer :3

French has better things to do with her time then parenting, pshhh.

A forlorn looking Zia by maranatah  marantah stops by.

She and Arcadia have an important conversation about soup.

This Melissa townie keeps walking in uninvited to use the bathroom >___>

Moonbeam by xpinkyhayzx <3


*Staring competition*

Cameron: "Help!"

*Scarred for life*
Sims are terrible, terrible parents.

So ~fabulous~.

/toddler picture drawing adorableness spam


Blake knows being promoted to Sous Chef is serious business.
Chef townie knows this also.
Orange shirted townie YEAH YOU BETTER RUN.

Blake: "My mother is soooo dumb."
Chef townie: *Kisses hair* "Tell me more."

Blake: "Keep this on the D-L, brothah, but she set the oven on fire while cooking."
Blake 'forgets' to mention that he has done the exact same thing. Twice.

Archie still likes crisps too much...

Oswald (0ptimistiic) potty training Calvin ^^

...And that was the point in time where I felt it was necessary to randomly show you most of the rooms in the legacy house :D

Double birthday time!

Once French has finished doing her chipmunk impression.

Cameron grows up first :3


Who immediately goes to play chess with the lovely Laila by lastj.

Archie has sleepy Chilli.

French drops out another baby, this time a girl (YES) named Carolina.

Sproglet hugging is so adorable :3

Blake: "Don't throw up on me, don't throw up on me, don't throw up on me..."

Because what's the worst that can happen?

Yeah. That.

Carolina's birthday!

(Yes, that's a word.)

EVEN MORE EEEEEEEE! If my commentary was done IRL you would all be deaf by now :D
But anyway, I leave you here. Happy simming, and comment if you wish to do so :3

WARNINGS: Lots of pictures, and not very many words. SQUIGGLIES.

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Oh, man.I can't wait to see them all grown up! Calvin is going to be so handsome when he grows up, I just know it. XD

Me neither!
I can't [echo voice]PREDICT THE FUTURE[/echo voice] but with the P_T cuteness involved I certainly see where you are coming from ;o Thanks for reading!

Awwww they're so cute! XD I love the house too, it's very colourful. Fits the sims in it I'd say :D

The house is really random, nothing matches in it xD So yeah, I guess it does fit the sims.
Thanks for reading!

They are all too cute! <3<3<3

Thank you! (I appreciate your icon too lol)

Aww, so cute! THEY ARE SO SQUISHY! <3<3
Heh, I've totally never had a negative turn out from the energizer...>.> Never... <.

Very squishy! xD
Oh no... don't worry, I believe you ;) Thank you for reading.

The kids are all so lovely. :) :)

Oh my goodness. Carolina got the best combination of genes ever. *_*

For reals? I always try to remain impartial but often fail, however this time I cannot choose between the sproglings. Carolina is a cute little thing though :3 Thanks for reading!

The boys are adorable and so is Carolina. :)

How are your sims and the objects soo detail ?

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