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The Axelquist Legacy 2.1

It's been only two weeks since my last update again, I'm so proud xD
I number my legacy updates in a weird way, this should probably be 2.0 or something but whatever.
Features adorable sims by bondchick_nett  and 0ptimistiic !

Previously, we met Arcadia (Archie) Axelquist, who married Oswald by 0ptimistiic  and had two little kidlets, Billie and Blake. Now Billie and Blake are both teens, and the heir poll concluded that BLAKE should be heir.
So here's our shiny new heir, Blake, going to buy new clothes because his are fugly and make him look like an old man.

Blake: "If I don't look at them, maybe they won't see me.." >.>

Billie on the other hand is more concerned about looking for lurrrrrrve.
Gypsy matchmaker, could you try and make your make-up a bit more hideous please?

It's a townie >;l

Billie seems to like him though...

...Or the telescope. Easy mistake to make.

The feeling is apparently not mutual.

And Blake's date, on the other hand, seems to like Billie.

I love shy sims :3

French by bondchick_nett  walks by... ~casually~

How romantic.

Blake gets his first kiss! (In front of his Mother...)

Poor Billie hasn't had hers :(

Awww how sweet...

Oh yeah, look at my simming skillz, maxing out the mechanical B)


I've never seen this before! Blake was embarassed by Billie.

Maybe because Billie was having a good date, and Blake's date was busy talking to his father...?

Billie gets her first kiss with a random townie too, but they leave pretty quickly >_>

Blake gains bubble powers from his magical rubix cube ball 8D

That get-up actually kind of suits Billie o_O

Billie's birthday time!

Billie: "That's right, mofos, THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON."

...An interesting outfit choice.

/Billie and townie love spam (with a bit of glitching thrown in there as an added bonus, YAY!)

Boundaries: Billie has none.

And neither does Sylvia. (Yeah, I learnt her name! BONUS POINTS.)
Blake drops a subtle hint to Archie...

Well how convinient, Sylvia >;l

"Chasing the whale" sounds like it should have a hidden other meaning.


Floating torso townie doesn't float anymore... :C

Billie suddenly decides to leave >.>
(I can't cope with spare kids as well as legacy ones!)

So we say goodbye to Billie :C

Blake: *smiles slightly sinisterly*

Sylvia makes the most out of her storage space. I'd applaud that too.

Chance cards seem to be actually going well for once :D


I'm ready, promotion!
Do EA have a thing for plaid or...?

Billie and Sylvia move into their own house (obviously not made by me because it's actually pretty and not a box.)

Mr. Humble gets some snazzy new threads *wolf whistles*

YAY, underwear wedding!

Both Sylvia and Billie get a makeover. (Have I mentioned that I really like giving makeovers?)

Meanwhile! It's Oswald's birthday!

He grows up looking basically the same but with a bit more ~Phillip Scofield~

There's another fire, of course -_-

Blake: "Um, bro, you're kind of stealing my ~hero moment~"

Poor, poor fireman.

Still working :D

A very pregnant Billie drops by.

As does French... ~casually~ (I need to stop using the squigglies so much)

Archie's birthday

French: "RAWRRRRR, I'm really angry for no reason." >;l

Billie isn't entirely sure about French.

Aaaaand she looks basically the same!

So she gets a makeover to look more her age.

Blake has his birthday too!

Blake: "I'm mature! AND TOTALLY COOL."

French is most satisfied with this outcome.

Maybe a little TOO satisfied.
French: "Your face is delicious."

You know what's coming next, right?

Yep. Blake got taken for a little ride with the aliens. My first sim to be abducted ;o

Oswald is worried for his son but Archie is apparently very excited.

Poor dear.

This is where I leave you. WHAT EVER WILL HAPPEN NEXT? (You can probably guess, but...)
Anyroad, please leave comments because you're a very nice person, and happy simming! :D

WARNINGS: Many pictures, conviniently placed arms.
Previous Updates: [1.0] [1.1]

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I love how French does everything ~casually~ heehee.

Can't wait to see alien spawn :).

~I like the squigglies~. I have no idea what their real purpose is, but ~I don't care~ they're so ~squiggly~ :B

Blake is too cute <3
YAY for alien babies! I wonder if will be green, I love greenie ones. <3

I love aliens too :3 I make far too many of them, lol!

ahaha French is practically devouring Blake, she's so happy! xD Can't wait to see all the babies!!

Also, if I can ask, where can I find this hair?

French kind of creeps me out sometimes but she is the cutest thing ever so I forgive her for eating Blake<3
Of course you can ask :D Apparently, it is NewSea YU004F pook'd by Stakeit-uk.

Great! Thank you so much. :)

Blake is so handsome as an adult. He and Frenchie are adorable together. And oh my gosh! Alien baby! I cannot wait. :)

Wooo, alien babies! Thank you :P

very lovely sims! I kept giggling at the picture of Billie pointing to the telescope xP. Is the dress she wore when she is pregnant a default replacement? Mind If I ask where you got it xD? Thanks

Thanks! I would assume it's from modthesims, but I could be wrong. I looked for the package and the most promising one just said "maternity_signature", not even sure that's the right one :/

Thanks, I found it at the default database and that is the name for it too :]

Blake grew up so handsome! I preferred Billie, but Blake was definitely a close second, and I love love love him with Frenchie :D

I will have to remember to upload them both ^^
(Now I really want to go and watch Grease...)

(Deleted comment)
D: I could not choose between them! It's probably the first time I have legacied and not had immense favouritism lol.
Thank you :3

I, personally, ~love~ the squigglies.
NO!!!! The legend that was the Floating Torso Lady has been handed trousers?! :(
Pregnancy really suits Billie, and I hope/demand Blake provides this legacy with alien sprogs!

The ~squigglies~ may just ~love~ you back o:
I know! She creeped me out so much but she was interesting :c R.I.P air underneath her torso.
Your hope/demand might just come true >:3

*ahem* Wonderful update! :D

*cough* Why thank you kindly m'dear!

N'awww! Billie and her girl are adorable! And YAY FRENCH. SO PRETTY.


;o Maybe.


French by [info]bondchick_nett walks by... ~casually~
Because that's what she does! :D :D *delighted*

Holy shizzlecakes, French and Blake's FACE melding O_O;;;;; Hawwleeee..!

YES ALIEN BBS!!!! Out of interest, who's alien pt replacement do you have? :D

She is a ~casual~ little elfy person ^^
I sense some decent babies shall be birthed!
I have Katu's Multi-PT B) and I will say no more... tehehe.

OoOoh! So basically, SUPER CUTE CHILDREN are in your (and consequently OUR) future :D

SPOILERS! Don't think you can wangle more info. from me missus ;P but you can most likely guess the answer lol.

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