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TPBM Sim - Chirp
laschifosavita said: "TPBM will create female alien with larger eyes, pointy ears, and skin that is not green, purple, or blue. She's come to earth to immerse herself in the culture she studied in university before she starts graduate school. However, the majority of her universe's information on humans has come from watching trashy reality dating shows."
And Chirp is the product of this brief! I love TPBM. But I went crazy making manly men last time, so I think just the one is enough for me this time around!

Also I'd like to ask, can anybody help me with this issue? CLICK HERE FOR CREEPY GLASSES. I downloaded these from MaxoidMonkey's sim on the exchange, but I don't think this is how they're supposed to look. Is there a problem with the mesh, or is it just my computer, or is this how they're supposed to look? These would have really suited her so I'm a little sad I couldn't use them.

She has been told that her mission on earth is to find and retrieve a thing called "love". Apparently you know what it is when she saw it.
She thought she'd found it last Tuesday but unfortunately it was just a parrot.

Ok, I admit I may have gone overboard with the pictures. So click here for a side view. And click here for her CC list - she comes with minimal CC as you can see, but if that is too much for anyone just let me know and I'll package her CC free. Also, she's packaged as a .RAR so if anyone wants her as a .sim2pack let me know too. I'm friendly and not at all scary. *Creepy smile*


Remember to comment, or face the WRATH of angry Chirp!

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She is adorable, I love her huge eyes and her tiny mouth!
Thank you so much for sharing! :D

I may have made her other features very small to make her eyes look bigger... >;]
You are welcome! ^^

Chirp is adorable. Methinks maybe she should've been told at the least that love was a feeling, not an objects or a parrot XD
By the way, the links that's supposed to lead to her cc list leads to her profile view.
And those glasses. I think they only work for sims with very normal eyes, similar like how some earrings get wonky on odd ears.

How about them alien universities, eh?
LOL I knew everything was running too smoothly. Should be fixed now. And I didn't think about her eyes! That will be it then, thanks ;)


Massive adoration coming from my corner of the internet. :D

Cuter than a cute thing? Why, if I am correct that is pretty damn cute o: thank you very much.

D'aww she's adorable, she's totally coming into my game. :D

You have been spared the wrath of angry Chirp :D
(That's another way of me saying thanks and enjoy her.)

The cuteness, it's too much!

Those creepy glasses kind of look like they come from the Flintstones ^_^

LOL. I am glad you think she is cute. She thinks you're pretty cute too ;D

You honestly make some of the most gorgeous sims!

Gosh >_< thank you so much.

She is so cute! I really love her little mouth. The shape of her nose is really cute.

Sorry it took so long to comment. I looked at her three or four times, took some notes for my game, decided to make her a young adult, and planned out when I'd download and comment all without realizing that she was made for me. I play an all alien game, so I've been focusing on doubling my hood's population without blowing up my game (apparently to the point of not noticing my own prompt being posted).

I don't mind, honestly. I am thrilled you commented at all :P I hope she fits into your game ok! Thanks and have fun :D

She's very cute. I've made her an elder in my game because I needed those as well, and she's still awesome then.

Awesome! I am very pleased to hear that :D

Dl'ing. Thank you. Her eyes are very interesting.

You're welcome :D I'm happy people are still downloading her!

I saw her in thegranddewru's polarity and came hunting for her! She is totally adorable and I love her name :D Thanks for the share!

:D I am honoured you came looking for her! You're very welcome, hope you enjoy her in your game.

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