12 AF dress recolours

This is my first clothing upload at LJ so I'm pretty excited. :D
I wanted to post this yesterday, but I hadn't saved the link to the original dresses and GoS was foolin' so I couldn't go grab it. These are recolours of Amaryll's gorgeous Amanda shirtdress for AF, in 12 colour combinations of Huning's Pony Colours (except for the colours creatively named "white" and "green", they're just some random ones I decided would match).

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Updated pictures and... something else?!

First things first. Another brief spell of de-lurking to do a bit of spring cleaning. That involved deleting some of my older stupid posts (no sims or legacy updates were deleted though), removing stupid formatting I decided to do on my old posts and re-taking a few pictures of my older sims so that everything seems to match a bit more on my LJ. Click "Back 10" on my journal and you'll see what I mean!
I've kind of re-fallen in love with my old sims, especially Dyn and Simon. :3

Second thing, which is more exciting! I shall soon have some things for you to download. THINGS THAT AREN'T SIMS.
In fact it is the dress pictured above, which was made by Amaryll for the GOS Advent Calender 2011, and recoloured by me using some combinations of 's pony colours. I think there about 12 of them. I just need to take some more pictures and they will be ready to upload.

It's modelled by Bubbles, who I made back in 2010.
Happy simming!

Five Sims!

Hey there simmers! Today I bring you five possible additions to your game :D
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Ok, so not a very large amount of sims :P but whatever, it's still dumped.
Let me know if there are any problems (problems are attracted to me) and happy simming!

One KFD Sim - Hammy

It's been a while since I uploaded a sim that wasn't a founder, and this is a bit different, right? xD
This Kids For Diversity had a theme of animals, and I chose a hamster. (Thus the name, Hammy. Creative, right?)

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